Our Story

We are political, social and economic group that has the interest of peace, unity and progress in Nigeria at heart. We welcome civil and thoughtful discussions from a broad spectrum of viewpoints. So, the members are free to express their opinions in accordance to the aims and objectives of the forum without selfish interest. Nevertheless to maintain a welcoming and secured environment for a wide range of people to participate and engage in conversations pertaining to the development of Nigeria, we prohibit certain conduct.

A forum Member shall be a person from 18 years of age.  Membership can be at any time of the year or otherwise classified and endorsed by the Board of Trustees. Non Nigerian joining the Forum must be endorsed by the Board of Trustees.

Our Mission

SDG Logo

We support the United Nation 2030 „Sustainable Development Goals“ (SDGs).

PPFN provide a Forum

Peace and Progress for Nigeria (PPFN) provide a Forum to connect both young and old Nigerians in sharing and discussing issues relating to the social, economic and political problems in Nigeria.

The voice of young and old people

We are the voice of young and old people in Nigeria, where people demand for good governance, reform in educational system, technology, economic and other social organs. Our vision is to generate employment opportunities for the youths and eradicate poverty in the society.

Participate actively in the society

The Peace and Progress for Nigeria (PPFN) platform works to empower Nigerian youths to participate actively in the society in order to improve their lives, especially in the current uncertain political and social context that affect Nigerian citizens.

Organize side events

In order to achieve our mission, we plan to organize side events covering a large variety of themes. Also, we plan to have joint events with partners and organisations both in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Our Team

IKH Omoniyi

Omoniyi Ogodo-Bach

President and Founder of PPFN

Omoniyi Ogodo-Bach was born in Ibadan - Nigeria. There she studied German at the University of Ibadan where she received her BA degree. She came to Germany as an exchange student at University of Saarland. She studied at the RWTH University in Aachen and later obtained a Master of Art degree in Intercultural Communication and European Studies at University of Applied Sciences in Fulda. Her thesis dealt on the one hand with the problem area “trafficking in women and children” and on the other hand with the problem area “gender mainstreaming and gender relations using the example of the Federal Republic and Nigeria”.


Dr. Eng. Ifeoluwa Garba

Vice-President PPFN

Dr. Eng. Ifeoluwa Garba graduated with First Class Honour in "Computer and Electronic Systems Engineering" from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. She obtained her Ph.D title at the Centre of Doctoral Training (CDT) for Wind and Marine Energy Systems Engineering. Her research was on the impact of optimised energy policy on sustainable development in developing countries. Her research interests include Energy Sustainable Development, International Policy and Development Economic.

Oluwadolapo Adisa

Oluwadolapo Adisa

Secretary PPFN

He has BA in Humanities at the department of History and International Studies and currently studying Design and Analysis of social protection systems at the Hochschule Bonn Rhein-Sieg. He worked as Special Assistant on Protocol Matters at the Oyo State House of Assembly Parliament ( Ibadan South East Constituency), where he developed and reviewed policy strategy involving Migration, tourism conflict and corporation. Also, he monitored and reviewed policy implementations and service quality within different socio-economic areas. At the Ministry of Information and Communication Kwara State, he served as officer at the department of Division of Public Orientation. There he worked on conflict resolution and migration issues. Oluwadolapo Adisa loves networking and working with governmental and non-government organizations that will help to eradicate poverty in developing and developed countries.

John Akpoguma

John Ovie Akpoguma

Assistant Secretary

He is a native of Delta State, Nigeria. A graduate of Mechanical Engineering Technology at Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun. He is a creative thinker who enjoys analysing problems and work out possible solutions. Aside this, some of his hobbies include drawing, painting, travelling and graphic designs. He has huge passion to help people in needs, a large heart that accommodate the world which is his source of energy and drive. Also, he loves to smile and see others do so because a simple smile is a fragrance of life to every situation.

IKH Eyituoyo Austin Akperi

Pharm. Eyituoyo Akperi

Team member

He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tyloom Unique Ventures. A seasoned Pharmacist and Business Development Consultant with thirty four years experience in spanning industrial, hospital and community Pharmacy. Also, he partners with many organisations that provide human capability development solutions to meet set goals. He is a product of the prestigious Government College Ibadan Nigeria. He bagged a bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Benin. He has attended many local and international trainings and also served as resource person in many workshops and seminars. A go-getter and ardent team player with excellent leadership, presentation, communication and conflict management skills. He is a good diversity manager with proper understanding of Nigerian cultural values. He loves compering, travelling, swimming and meeting new people.

Dr. (Mrs) Omolade Sanni

Dr. (Mrs.) Omolade Sanni

Team member

She attended University of Ibadan, Nigeria and completed the Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology, a Master of Information Science degree in Information Science and Master of Arts degree in Communication and Language Arts, and a Ph. D in Communication and Social development. She is a member of several professional communication bodies. Her area of interest includes Social development, conflict management and Information and media studies.

IKH Adelheid Schuster

Adelheid Schuster

Team member

She lives in Germany. She has certificate of apprenticeship in interior decoration. She is a trainer in swimming. She is a great fan for African traditions and culture. She loves sport, nature and animal documentaries, languages and helping people.

IKH Michael Bach

Michael Bach

Team member

He is a Team member of PPFN. He is currently studying at LMU Munich. Germany.

IKH Fumbi Ajumobi

Fumbi Ajumobi

Team member

He is a member of the PPFN team.

Mr. Prince Mike Okparaeze

Mr. Prince Mike Okparaeze

Team member

Mr. Prince Mike Okparaeze is an oriented and passionate Consultant and Certified Principal Investigator. He is a Forensic Analyst and Lead Auditor, Certified Network Security Expert (NSE) Certified Network Security Specialist (CNSS).

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