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Our Mission

Our Mission is to ensure Inclusion, Empowerment, Equality and Development in Nigeria. Peace and Progress for Nigeria (PPFN) provide a Forum to connect  both young and old Nigerians in sharing and discussing  issues relating to the social, economic and political problems in Nigeria.

We are the voice of young and old people in Nigeria, where people demand for good governance, reform in educational system, technology, economic and other social organs.  Our vision is to generate employment opportunities for the youths and eradicate poverty in the society.

The Peace and Progress for Nigeria (PPFN) platform works to empower Nigerian youths to participate actively in the society in order to improve their lives, especially in the current uncertain political and social context that affect Nigerian citizens.

In order to  achieve our mission, we plan to organize side events covering a large variety of themes.  Also, we plan to have joint events with partners and organisations both in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

We support the United Nation 2030 „Sustainable Development Goals“ (SDGs).

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